Domaine Chapel Fleurie Charbonnières

Domaine Chapel Fleurie Charbonnières

In Fleurie, the Chapels farm the lieu-dit, Charbonnières, which sits at 460 meters in altitude and faces directly east towards the Alps. The parcel is planted to high density, free-standing, gobelet vines. Charbonnières is nestled in the forest and the aspect is formed as an amphitheater high up in the mountains of Beaujolais. The land has been farmed organically for nearly 20 years and is by far the most labor intensive of the parcels that the Chapels farm. The vine age varies — the oldest vines are over 70 years old while the youngest were replanted 30 plus years ago. Granite rock forms the bedrock, and the soil is a mix of granitic sand, various weathered rock fragments, and igneous rock. The vines are completely enclosed by the forest, which gives protection from the strong winds. Meanwhile, the flora and fauna in the vines give the Domaine Chapel Fleurie its unique character.

Profil du Fleurie Charbonnières

Layered, crushed rock, tellicherry pepper on wild strawberries.

A Philosopy of Winemaking

Indigenous yeast; semi-carbonic maceration, average of two weeks whole cluster before pressing.


Assemblage of sandstone and fiber. Un-fined and unfiltered.
Appellation: Fleurie
Lieu-dit: Charbonnierès
Grape Variety: Gamay Noir à Jus Blanc
Alcohol: 13 %
Soil composition: Granitic sand, various weathered rock fragments of igneous rock.
Culture : Organic; Agroecology; working with nature to create a resilient and flourishing ecosystem. Manual labor with horse, cable plow and garden hoe.
Harvest: By hand with stems and berries intact. Carefully sorted.