Domaine Chapel Chiroubles

With its steep slopes, high altitude parcels, and sandy granitic soils, the cru Chiroubles has more in common with the Northern Rhône than any other region in France. The Chapels now have just under three hectares of vines in the lieux-dits, Châtenay, Saint-Roch and Poullet. Each parcel comprises about one hectare of vines of various orientations, planted to high density, gobelet trained vines. In each parcel, the soil is a blend of pink granite, sandstone and various weathered magmatic rock fragments. Because of the steepness of the slopes, the soil is worked manually with a cable plow and hand tools. In certain parts of the parcel, where it is not too sandy, the soil is cultivated by horse.

Profil du Chiroubles

Harmonious, rock dust & pomegranate.

A Philosopy of Winemaking

Indigenous yeast. Semi-carbonic maceration for an average of two weeks before pressing.


In fiber about 9 months. Un-fined and unfiltered.
Appellation: Chiroubles
Lieu-dit: Saint-Roch | Poullet | Châtenay
Grape Variety: Gamay Noir à Jus Blanc
Alcohol: 13 %
Soil composition: Pink granite, sandstone and various weathered magmatic rock fragments.
Culture : Organic. Agroecology; working with nature to create a resilient and flourishing ecosystem. Manual labor with horse, cable plow and garden hoe.
Harvest: By hand with stems and berries intact. Carefully sorted.