Domaine Chapel Fleurie Charbonnières - La Face Nord

Domaine Chapel Fleurie Charbonnières - La Face Nord

The vines for this petit cuvée are planted on the north-facing side of the lieu-dit Charbonnières, situated high up in the forest of Fleurie. Walking through the steep slopes in season, one will run into an array of flora and fauna flourishing in the woodland ecosystem. Face Nord harnesses all of this life and energy and carries it into the bottle. While the north side of the vineyard sees less peak hour sunlight, the gamay is dominated by aromatics of wild herbs and a black pepper note, the latter of which becomes more prominent with bottle aging. Face Nord is only made in vintages that permit it (2019 & 2020, 2022).

Profil du Fleurie Charbonnières - La Face Nord

Fraises des Bois, Black Pepper and Wilderness.

A Philosopy of Winemaking

Indigenous yeast; Semi-carbonic maceration; indigenous yeast; Average of two weeks before pressing.


10 months average in sandstone amphora. Un-fined and unfiltered.
Appellation: Fleurie
Lieu-dit: Charbonnières
Grape Variety: Gamay Noir à Jus Blanc
Alcohol: 13 %
Soil composition: Pink granitic sand, weathered igneous rock fragments.
Culture : Organic. Agro-ecology;working with nature to create a resilient and flourishing ecosystem. Manual labor with horse, cable plow and garden hoe.
Harvest: By hand with stems and berries intact. Carefully sorted.