Domaine Chapel Fleurie Charbonnières - Vieilles vignes

Domaine Chapel Fleurie Charbonnières - Vieilles vignes

The upper half of Charbonnières is made up of high density old vines, between 40-60 years old, who self regulate and naturally control their own vigor of the inherently prolific gamay variety .
The vines are completely enclosed by the forest which gives protection from the strong winds but also brings some outside challenges. The major challenges come from the thick grasses, acacia trees & bramble bushes, that wrap themselves around the cep and grow sporadically throughout the vines in an extensive, seemingly endless, deep rooting system. These trees and bushes are removed by hand several times throughout the year to try to protect an equilibrium in the vineyard. The rest of the flora and fauna in the vines give our Fleurie its unique character.

Profil du Fleurie Charbonnières - Vieilles vignes

A complex wine with crushed rock and dark fruit. Will benefit from extended aging.

A Philosopy of Winemaking

Semi-carbonic maceration about 21 days, indigenous yeast, no SO2 added.


Extended aging that varies with vintage. 2 grams of sulfur before bottling. Unfined and unfiltered.
Appellation: Fleurie
Lieu-dit: Charbonnières
Grape Variety: Gamay Noir à Jus Blanc
Alcohol: 13 %
Soil composition: Pink granitic sand, igneous rock and various weathered rock fragments.
Culture : Organic. Manual.
Harvest: Manual with stems intact. Carefully sorted.